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Ventilation and Fans

TOY Group Ventilation Facilities and Fans

Ventilation of your storages protection

In addition to our storage ranges, TOY Group offers equipment and ventilation facilities adapted to your storage units protection. Contact the TOY Group for more information


4 ventilation solutions

Depending on your equipment, adopt the right ventilation solution TOY Group, guaranteeing a high quality of grain preservation: The ventilated half-sheaths (ventilation on a flat bottom) Ventilated cone (galvanized sheet metal cone perforated in hearing). Aero-cone (on pit 4 slopes or concrete cone). / Ventilated blades (for round cells or flat storage).

Allow ventilation on a flat bottom in cells or for flat storage

Half ventilated sheath

  • Ventilated half-sheaths allow ventilation on a flat bottom in cells or for flat storage. Network calculation of half-gains is based on the volumes and surfaces to be ventilated.

In 20 and 30/10th perforated galvanized sheet metal. Ideal ventilation for full draining and grain preservation

Ventilated cone

  • Ventilated cone: a galvanized sheet metal cone perforated in the ueg edus allowing the ventilation of cereals. Made of 20/30/10th sheet metal, this type of ventilation is ideal for a complete flush. No soil contact the preservation of cereals is optimal.

On pit 4 slopes or on concrete cone. Maximum ventilation and space savings

Aero cone

  • Aero-cone: on a 4-slope pit or on a concrete cone, aero-cone allows ventilation, optimum grain as well as a space saving (volume of the concrete cone). Its operating principle is air diffusion by reflection on the concrete cone.

Ventilated galvanized steel blades, on concrete or metal gutter (optional)

Ventilated blades

  • Ventilated blades: for round cells or flat storage. The ventilated blades are made of tamed galvanized sheet metal. With a size of 8×28 cm, they allow ventilation by concrete gutters 30cm wide (option: metal gutters to be sealed, easy set up and better waterproofing). The ventilated blades network is calculated according to the volumes and surfaces to be ventilated.


Mobile fans and aerators

Several fan models for different storage volumes to ventilate, and also mobile booster kits to screw into the grain heap. Manufacturing TOY Group

5 fan models from 2.2kW to 15kW for speeds of 4500 to 15000M2/H

Cereal fans

In addition to or in place of fixed passive ventilation systems, you can opt for several mobile systems of the TOY Group. TOY Group’s fan range is very reliable. Economical to buy and free maintenance. several power and speeds are available depending on the volumes to be ventilated.

  • Speeds from 4300 to 15,000 M3/h
  • 5 powers from 2.2 to 15 Kw
  • 5 models: V3, V6, V8, V12, V15
  • Engine support
  • Magnetothermic circuit breaker
  • Connection, straps
  • Wheels


Power Flow (m3/hour)
V3 fan 2.2 kW 4300
V6 fan 4 kW 6500
V8 fan 5.5 kW 9300
V12 fan 11 kW 13600
V15 fan 15 kW



Grain aerator fans, screwed into cereal heaps, in flat storage or small cells

Grain aerator fans

Other mobile active grain ventilation system in addition to passive ventilation.

  • Screw fans (additional aerator to screw): they allow an additional ventilation of 40 m3 of cereal on a diameter of 3 meters on storage flat or in small cells. Standard length 2.5 – 1.10 meters.

Grain aerator kit:

  • 1 fan 0.35 kW triple-phased
  • 3 extension cords
  • 3 feet

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