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Plant shredders, green waste, wood plate

Coming from our range of plant grinders, motorbikes, green spaces, the TOY Group offers many models that are memorablely solid and efficient: the CADET (mono or three-phase / thermal engine version). The Junior powerful partner of your productivity (three-phase versions / thermal engine / power grab. The Broiter (three-phase electric versions/ thermal gasoline or diesel/force-taking). The wood shredder (force-taking Branches up to 130mm). Consult your TOY Group salesman for advice.

Powerful very solid branch cut. Electric motor version (mono or three-phase) / Thermal engine version. Many grid options. Industrial rotor – 180mm, vertical rotation, large inertial power. Long entrance chute. Painted steel or INOX version

General features of the Cadet shredder

The CADET, equipped with a powerful branch cut very accessible and very strong, guaranteeing serious equipment:
  1. Version 2.2 kW 220 V single-phase electric motor or three-phase electric motor 2.2 kW 380 V: 
  2. 5hp Briggs Stratton or Honda Petrol Engine Version
  • 12 hammers plagues
  • 1 Crossbar grid
  • 1 branch cutter up to 30mm standard
  • Weight (1) 55 kg – Weight (2) 72 kg
  • As an option, many grids available according to applications
  • An industrial rotor – 180mm vertical rotation that offers great inertial power
  • A long entrance chute to accompany the long lengths

Powerful pro productivity partner. Three-phase electric motor version / 9hp petrol thermal version / Version taken force 16 hammers scourges. 1 branch cut up to 50mm. Rotor – 300mm diameter. Many grid options by application

General features of junior shredder

The Junior, a powerful partner for professional productivity. 
  1. 5.5 kW, 380 Volts three-phase electric motor version
  2. 9hp petrol thermal version 
  3. Power-taken version (Cardan optional)
  • 16 hammers plagues
  • 1 crossbar grid
  • 1 cutter up to 50mm
  • Rotor – 300mm
  • 4 wheels (of which 2 steerable – except version taken by force)
  • Weight (1 )180 kg – Weight (2) 210 kg – Weight (3) 120 kg
  • As an option, many grids available according to applications

Three-phase electric motor version, petrol or diesel thermal and on-force. Very powerful, 3 hammer configurations: 24, 32 or 64 depending on products

General features of the Broiter shredder

Available in three-phase electric motor version, petrol or diesel thermal and on-strength intake
4 wheels (including 2 steerables with chrome stretcher – except version taken by force)
Different hammer options depending on the products to be crushed:

  • 24 hammers scourges:   bulky products /   wet products
  • 32 reinforced right hammers:   bulky/dry and hard products  
  • 64 right     hammers: bulky/dry and hard products
  • Electric Broiter   (triphase 11 kW 380 Volts /   three-phase 15 kW 380 Volts /     three-phase 22 kW 380 Volts)
  • Thermal Broiter:   20 Hp petrol engine electric starter /   17 Hp Diesel electric starter
  • Vegetal shredder taking strength



  • Cutting branches
  • Cardan 95 Hp length 0.90m

A powerful wood shredder, very solid and very easy to use


General features of the Wood Shredder

  • Strength training
  • Branches up to 130mm
  • Beak guided
  • 3-point hitch
  • Cardan optional
  • Weight 120 kg

Saw bench models electric motor, thermal and force socket. Efficient and secure equipment

General features of the saw bench

  • The log saws   – 600mm:
  • Mono electric motor and   “braked”   sort (quick safety stop)
  • Emergency stop     “punching”
  • Specific blade protection nose (safety screen)
  • Full blade protection (French standard)
  • Electrical safety on door
  • Thick painted steel blade carter 20/10
  • 3-point hitch (strength grab)
  • Emergency stop and blade clutch/disengage wrist (force grab)
  • Cardan optional 



  • Saw blade – 600x25x28mm
  • Carbide saw blade – 600x25x28mm
  • Cardan 10 Hp

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